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Keep Christ in Christmas

Keep Christ in Christmas


Keep Christ in Christmas

The Knights of Columbus emblem consists of a a shield mounted on a Formée cross.  Mounted on the shield are a fasces, an anchor, and a dagger.

2013 Knights of Columbus Council 15738

Keep Christ in Christmas Nativity

With all of the distractions of the season, it’s the simple reminders that cause us to pause and reflect on our Savior’s birth. As fellow Christians, we have developed a way to keep the focus of the Christmas Season on the true meaning of Christmas… Christ!
In 2005, an exciting new campaign using car magnets in the shape of the Nativity Scene was introduced. The original idea was to capitalize on the momentum of the ribbons we all see on cars, and the response was amazing! The attractive magnet is white with a black border and has the words Keep Christ in Christmas emblazoned across the bottom, and is highly visible on all colors and styles of cars and trucks. The actual size of the magnet is 6.25″ X 7″.
Let’s all continue to Keep Christ in Christmas.

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